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Z Type Leaf Spring for Heavy Duty Semi Trailer Air Suspension

Short Description:

Part No. BPW 991479 Paint Electrophoretic paint
Spec. 100×35 Model Air Linker
Material 51CrV4 MOQ 100 SETS
Bush Size Ø30×Ø57×102 Development Length 965
Weight 48 KGS Total PCS 2 PCS
Delivery Time 15-30 days Warranty 12 months

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This item is suitable for BPW Air Suspension Semi-Trailer

● The oem number is 991479, the specification is 100*35, the raw material is 51CrV4
● The item total has two pcs, first pcs with eye ,use rubber bush (φ30×φ57×102), the length from the centrl of the eye to the centrl hole is 500mm. The second pcs is Z type, the length from the cover to the end is 965mm
● The height of the spring is 150mm
● The painting use electrophoretic painting, the color is drak grey
● It use with air kit together is the air suspension
● We also can produce base on client's drawings design

Air Linkers Part Numbers:
Item Number Type Specification(mm) Length(mm)
508204260 BPW 100*22 1170
880305 BPW 100*27 1172
880301 BPW 100*19 1170
880300 BPW 100*19 1173
880312 BPW 100*18 930
880323 BPW 100*19 970
508213190/881360 BPW 100*50 940
881508 BPW 100*48 870
508212640/881386 BPW 100*38 975
880305 BPW 100*27 1220
880301 BPW 100*19 1220
880355 BPW 100*38 940
901590 SCANIA 100*45 950
1421061/901870 SCANIA 100*45 1121
1421060/901890 SCANIA 100*45 1121
508213240 BPW 100*43 1015
508213260 BPW 100*38 920
508212830 BPW 100*43 1020
508213560/881513 BPW 100*48 940
508213240/881366 BPW 100*43 1055
508213260/881367 BPW 100*38 930
508212670 BPW 100*38 945
508213360/881381 BPW 100*43 940
508213190 BPW 100*50 940
881342 BPW 100*48 940
508213670/881513 BPW 100*50 940
21222247/887701/ F260Z104ZA75 BPW 100*48 990
F263Z033ZA30 BPW 100*40 633
886162 BPW 100*48 900
886150/3149003602 BPW 100*38 895
887706 BPW 100*35 990



The Air Linker is mainly applicable to the automobile air suspension. It is usually composed of one or two spring leaves, which are used symmetrically with left and right. It is installed between the axle and the air suspension bracket. It is formed as a whole, and its structure includes a straight part, a bending part and a eye rolling part. The rolled eye is equipped with a rubber composite bushing. The common material specifications of the guide arm are from 90 to 100 mm in width and from 20 to 50 mm in thickness.

The advantages of the air linker spring:

1. Air Spring has excellent nonlinear and hard characteristics, which can effectively limit the amplitude, avoid resonance and prevent impact. The non-linear characteristic curve of air spring can be designed according to the actual needs, which shows that it has a lower stiffness value near the rated load.

2. The Air Spring is easy to be controlled actively because the medium used is mainly air.

3. The stiffness K of the air spring varies with the load p, so the natural frequency w of the vibration isolation system is almost invariable and the vibration isolation effect is almost invariable under different loads.

4. The stiffness of the air spring is adjustable and can be changed by changing the volume of the air chamber or the pressure of the inner chamber. No matter how much load, the air pressure can be changed according to the need to adjust the stiffness of the air spring, or the auxiliary air chamber can be added to increase its volume to reduce the stiffness.

5. For an Air Spring of the same size, different load capacities can be obtained when the internal pressure changes. This enables the same type of air spring to adapt to the requirements of a variety of loads, and therefore good economy. The air spring can bear not only vertical load, but also transverse load and transmission torque.

6. Increasing the total volume of the air spring can reduce the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system, which is a unique advantage of the air spring. In order to reduce the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system, the auxiliary air chamber can be set up, and the auxiliary air chamber can be arranged far away from the air spring. The volume of the auxiliary air chamber increases, that is, the total volume of the air spring is increased, and the natural frequency of the air spring vibration isolation system is decreased.

7. The Air Spring can make use of the height control valve system to keep the working height basically unchanged under different loads. Similarly, through the role of height control valve, so that the air spring in a certain load with different heights, so can adapt to a variety of structural requirements.

8. Air Springs absorb high frequency vibrations and provide excellent sound insulation. The air spring is mainly composed of rubber capsule and air. In the vibration process, the rubber capsule due to expansion, warping, there is very little internal friction, so it is difficult to transmit high-frequency vibration. Air and rubber do not transmit sound easily, so they have good sound insulation. Steel Springs, on the other hand, transmit high frequency vibrations as well as sound.

9. If a throttle hole is arranged between the main air chamber and the Auxiliary Air Chamber of the Air Spring, when the air spring vibrates and deforms, there will be pressure difference between the main air chamber and the auxiliary air chamber. The proper throttle aperture can improve the damping characteristics of the vibration isolation system and effectively suppress the resonance amplitude.

10. Air Springs are lightweight. In addition to the rubber capsule and almost no weight of air, the body is the upper cover and the lower cover, so much lighter than the leaf spring.



Provide different types of leaf springs which include conventional multi leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, air linkers and sprung drawbars.
In terms of vehicle types, it include heavy duty semi trailer leaf springs, truck leaf springs, light duty trailer leaf springs, buses and agricultural leaf springs.

Packing & Shipping


QC equipments


Our advantage

1) Raw Material

Thickness less than 20mm. We use material SUP9

Thickness from 20-30mm. We use material 50CRVA

Thickness more than 30mm. We use material 51CRV4

Thickness more than 50mm. We choose 52CrMoV4 as the raw material

2) Quenching Process

We strictly controlled the steel temperature around 800 degree.

We swing the spring in the quenching oil among 10 seconds according to the spring thickness.

3) Shot Peening

Each assembling spring set under stress peening.

Fatigue test can reach over 150000 cycles.

4) Electrophoretic Paint

Each item use electrophoretic paint

Salt spray testing reach 500 hours

Technical aspect

1、Product technical standards:implementation of IATF16949
2、More than 10 spring engineers' support
3、Raw material from the top 3 steel mills
4、Finished products tested by Stiffness Testing Machine, Arc Height Sorting Machine; and Fatigue Testing Machine
5、Processes inspected by Metallographic Microscope, Spectrophotometer, Carbon Furnace, Carbon and Sulfur Combined Analyzer; and Hardness Tester
6、Application of automatic CNC equipment such as Heat Treatment Furnace and Quenching Lines, Tapering Machines, Blanking Cutting Machine; and Robot-assitant production
7、Optimize product mix and reduce customer purchasing cost
8、Provide design support,to design leaf spring according to customer cost

Service aspect

1、Excellent team with rich experience.
2、Think from the perspective of customers, deal with the needs of both sides systematically and professionally, and communicate in a way that customers can understand.
3、7x24 working hours ensure our service systematical, professional, timely and efficient.

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