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Hino leaf spring 48110-3V700-FA for Hino 300

Short Description:

Part No. H5F P70.13.7V-010 Paint Electrophoretic paint
Spec. 70×11/13 Model truck
Material SUP7 MOQ 100 SETS
Free Arch 140 Development Length 1300
Weight 46.2 KGS Total PCS 7 PCS
Delivery Time 15-30 days Warranty 12 months

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The leaf spring is suitable for light trucks

1. The item total has 7 pcs, the raw material size is 70*10/12
2. Raw material is SUP7
3. The free arch is 106mm, the development length is 1250
4. The painting use electrophoretic painting
5. We also can produce base on client's drawings to design

Is there only SUP7 material available?

There are four common types of special steel materials for leaf springs, namely SUP7, SUP9, 50CrVA, and 51CrV4

Choosing the best material among SUP7, SUP9, 50CrVA, and 51CrV4 for steel plate springs depends on various factors such as mechanical properties required, operating conditions, and cost considerations. Here's a comparison of these materials:

1.SUP7 and SUP9:

These are both carbon steels commonly used for spring applications.SUP7 and SUP9 offer good elasticity, strength, and toughness, making them suitable for general-purpose spring applications.They are cost-effective options and relatively easy to manufacture.

However, they may have lower fatigue resistance compared to alloy steels like 50CrVA or 51CrV4.


50CrVA is an alloy spring steel containing chromium and vanadium additives.It offers higher strength, hardness, and fatigue resistance compared to carbon steels like SUP7 and SUP9.50CrVA is suitable for applications requiring higher performance and durability under cyclic loading conditions.

It may be preferred for heavy-duty or high-stress applications where superior mechanical properties are critical.

3. 51CrV4:

51CrV4 is another alloy spring steel with chromium and vanadium content.It offers similar properties to 50CrVA but may have slightly higher strength and toughness.51CrV4 is commonly used in demanding applications such as automotive suspension systems, where excellent fatigue resistance and durability are essential.

While 51CrV4 may offer superior performance, it could come at a higher cost compared to carbon steels like SUP7 and SUP9.

In summary, if cost is a significant factor and the application does not require extreme performance, SUP7 or SUP9 can be suitable choices. However, for applications demanding higher strength, fatigue resistance, and durability, alloy steels like 50CrVA or 51CrV4 may be preferable. Ultimately, the selection should be based on a careful consideration of the specific requirements and constraints of the application.



How do I know what leaf spring my light truck needs?

To determine the appropriate leaf spring for your light truck, you'll need to consider several factors:
1. Know Your Truck: Identify the make, model, and year of your light truck.
2. Consider Load: Determine the typical load your truck carries to choose the appropriate weight capacity.
3. Check Current Spring: Examine the specifications of your current leaf spring if you're replacing it.
4. Suspension Type: Know whether your truck has a normal spring, parabolic spring, or multi leaf spring suspension.
5. Seek Expert Advice: Consult mechanics or online resources if you're unsure.
6. Manufacturer Recommendations: Check with the truck's manufacturer for compatibility.
7. Online Tools: Utilize online databases to find compatible leaf springs.



Provide different types of leaf springs which include conventional multi leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, air linkers and sprung drawbars.
In terms of vehicle types, it include heavy duty semi trailer leaf springs, truck leaf springs, light duty trailer leaf springs, buses and agricultural leaf springs.

Packing & Shipping


QC equipments


Our advantage

Quality aspect:

1) Raw Material

Thickness less than 20mm. We use material SUP9

Thickness from 20-30mm. We use material 50CRVA

Thickness more than 30mm. We use material 51CRV4

Thickness more than 50mm. We choose 52CrMoV4 as the raw material

2) Quenching Process

We strictly controlled the steel temperature around 800 degree.

We swing the spring in the quenching oil among 10 seconds according to the spring thickness.

3) Shot Peening

Each assembling spring set under stress peening.

Fatigue test can reach over 150000 cycles.

4) Electrophoretic Paint

Each item use electrophoretic paint

Salt spray testing reach 500 hours

Technical aspect

1、Customization: Our factory can tailor leaf springs to meet specific customer requirements, such as load capacity, dimensions, and material preferences.
2、Expertise: Our factory’s staff possess specialized knowledge and skills in designing and manufacturing leaf springs, ensuring high-quality products.
3、Quality control: Our factory implements rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the reliability and durability of its leaf springs.
4、Production capacity: Our factory has the capability to produce leaf springs in large quantities, meeting the demands of various industries and customers.
5、Timely delivery: Our factory’s efficient production and logistics processes enable it to deliver leaf springs within specified timelines, supporting customer schedules.

Service aspect

1、Timely delivery: The factory’s efficient production and logistics processes enable it to deliver leaf springs within specified timelines, supporting customer schedules.
2、Material selection: The factory offers a range of material options for leaf springs, including high-strength steel, composite materials, and other alloys, catering to diverse needs.
3、Technical support: The factory provides technical assistance and guidance to customers regarding leaf spring selection, installation, and maintenance.
4、Cost-effectiveness: The factory’s streamlined production processes and economies of scale result in competitive pricing for its leaf springs.
5、Innovation: The factory continually invests in research and development to enhance leaf spring design, performance, and efficiency.
6、Customer service: The factory maintains a responsive and supportive customer service team to address inquiries, provide assistance, and ensure overall satisfaction with its leaf spring products and services.

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