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Factory Hot Selling Custom Auto Leaf Spring Anti Noise Pad For Pickup

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20+ Years of experiences
Implementing IATF 16949-2016
Implementing ISO 9001-2015

  • Quality standards: Implementing GB/T 5909-2009
  • International Standards: ISO, ANSI, EN, JIS
  • Annual output (tons): 2000+
  • Raw material: Top 3 steel mills in China
  • Advantages: Structural Stability, Overall Smooth, Genuine Material, Complete Specifications
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    What's the Anti Noise pad?

    The anti noise pad of automotive leaf springs is mainly made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, namely UHMW-PE, using the "compression sintering" molding method. Using different molds, various shapes such as sheets, strips, strips, thin films, U-shaped or T-shaped spring noise reduction sheets are made. The spring noise reduction sheet has a convex block in the middle on one side for easy installation, and an oil groove on the other side for enhanced lubrication.



    How to install it in the car?

    The leaf spring noise reducing pad is a component used to reduce vehicle noise and vibration, and its installation method is as follows: find the vehicle's leaf spring. Car leaf springs are usually located at the bottom of the vehicle to support the body and maintain vehicle balance and stability. Clean the surface of the steel plate spring. Clean the surface of the steel plate spring with a cleaning agent or cloth to ensure that it is smooth and free of oil stains. Determine the position of the noise canceller. Select a suitable location for installing noise reducing pads on the steel plate spring, usually between the steel plate spring and the wheel. Install noise reduction pads. Place the noise reduction plate on the steel plate spring, ensuring complete contact between the noise reduction plate and the surface of the steel plate spring, and gently press and secure with your hand.

    Our advantage

    Car leaf spring noise reduction pads have the following advantages

    1. Noise reduction, which can eliminate or reduce the noise generated by the vibration and friction of the car leaf spring during driving;
    2. Long service life, with a service life of 50000 kilometers without faults under the same working conditions, which is more than four times that of rubber parts, nylon parts, and polyurethane;
    3. Lightweight, one eighth the size of steel plates of the same specification;
    4. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and frost resistance;
    5. Low maintenance costs.

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