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Europen Mercedes Benz Rear Parabolic Leaf Spring 9483200605 For Heavy Duty Truck

Short Description:

Part No. 9483200605 Paint Electrophoretic paint
Spec. 100*31 Model Heavy Duty
Material SUP9 MOQ 100 SETS
Free Arch 110mm±5 Development Length 1560
Weight 107 KGS Total PCS 5 PCS
Delivery Time 15-30 days Warranty 12 months

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The leaf spring is suitable for semi-trailer

1. The item total has 5 pcs, the raw material size is 100*31
2. Raw material is SUP9
3. The free arch is 110±5mm, the development length is 1560(780+780)
4. The painting use electrophoretic painting
5. We also can produce base on client's drawings to design
6. This type of leaf spring is suitable for the Mercedes Benz Actros 1844LS(3600) Tractor Truck-Iran, Actros 1836-1841, Axor 2628(4500) Truck-Iran, Actros 1831A/AK/LS, Actros 2031A/AK/S, Actros 2531L/LS, Actros 2535/L, Actros 2540, Actros 2631B/K/L, Actros 2640LK/LS/S, Actros 3231B, Actros 3235K, Actros 3240, Actros 3331AK/AS/B, Actros 4143AK/K/B, Actros 4148AK/K/B

Do semi trailers have leaf springs?

When assessing heavy-duty leaf springs, it's crucial to balance their advantages with their drawbacks.

On the positive side, heavy-duty leaf springs are prized for their capacity to bolster support, stability, and a vehicle's load-bearing capability. Nevertheless, they do carry notable downsides worth considering.

One primary concern is the potential rise in vehicle rigidity, particularly noticeable under light loads. This can result in a less comfortable ride for passengers, potentially compromising overall comfort. Additionally, the extra weight of heavy-duty leaf springs can adversely affect fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. The heightened rigidity may also lead to decreased traction on uneven surfaces, impacting the vehicle's handling and maneuverability.

Furthermore, heavy-duty leaf springs usually come with a heftier price tag compared to standard or lighter alternatives due to their reinforced construction and specialized design. This means both acquiring and installing them can result in higher expenses.

Lastly, heavy-duty leaf springs often demand more frequent maintenance and inspections to ensure peak performance, potentially leading to increased maintenance costs and inconvenience for vehicle owners.

While heavy-duty leaf springs offer significant benefits, it's essential to carefully weigh these potential drawbacks before making a decision.


arcors 1844

How do I know what leaf springs I need for my trailer?

Maintaining and servicing leaf springs is paramount for ensuring optimal vehicle performance and safety. These crucial suspension components bear the weight of the vehicle and absorb road shocks, rendering them indispensable for overall vehicle upkeep.

Regular visual inspections of leaf springs are imperative to detect signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. It's vital to scrutinize for cracks, deformations, or indications of metal fatigue that could compromise the leaf spring's structural integrity. Proper alignment and installation are also vital to prevent uneven wear and operational issues.

Applying suitable lubricants at regular intervals is crucial to prevent metal-to-metal contact and minimize friction, thereby preserving leaf spring flexibility and performance, especially in demanding conditions.

Any issues identified during inspections should be promptly addressed by a qualified technician, whether it involves repairing minor damage, replacing worn components, or realigning leaf springs. Routine maintenance tasks should encompass tightening U-bolts, adhering to torque specifications, and replacing aging bushings.

For commercial and off-road vehicles, periodic load testing and assessment of the suspension system are advisable to ensure leaf springs operate within specified parameters. This proactive approach enables the early detection of any weakening or loss of load-bearing capacity, facilitating preventive maintenance or timely replacement.

In summary, meticulous care and maintenance of leaf springs are essential for vehicle longevity and safety. Conducting regular inspections, ensuring adequate lubrication, promptly addressing issues, and conducting load tests are crucial steps in prolonging the lifespan of leaf springs and mitigating suspension-related problems. Collaboration with qualified professionals and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are imperative for effective leaf spring maintenance and repair.



Provide different types of leaf springs which include conventional multi leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, air linkers and sprung drawbars.
In terms of vehicle types, it include heavy duty semi trailer leaf springs, truck leaf springs, light duty trailer leaf springs, buses and agricultural leaf springs.

Packing & Shipping


QC equipments


Our advantage

Quality aspect:

1) Raw Material

Thickness less than 20mm. We use material SUP9

Thickness from 20-30mm. We use material 50CRVA

Thickness more than 30mm. We use material 51CRV4

Thickness more than 50mm. We choose 52CrMoV4 as the raw material

2) Quenching Process

We strictly controlled the steel temperature around 800 degree.

We swing the spring in the quenching oil among 10 seconds according to the spring thickness.

3) Shot Peening

Each assembling spring set under stress peening.

Fatigue test can reach over 150000 cycles.

4) Electrophoretic Paint

Each item use electrophoretic paint

Salt spray testing reach 500 hours

Technical aspect

1. Reliable Performance: Leaf springs exhibit consistent performance attributes, ensuring occupants experience predictable handling and ride comfort throughout their use.
2. Efficient Weight Distribution: By effectively distributing the vehicle's weight and cargo, leaf springs enhance load balance and promote overall stability.
3. Superior Impact Absorption: Leaf springs excel at absorbing and cushioning the impact of uneven road surfaces, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.
4. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Through proper treatment and coating, leaf springs demonstrate excellent resistance to corrosion, extending their lifespan and reliability across diverse environmental conditions.
5. Environmental Sustainability: The recyclability and reusability of leaf springs contribute to environmental sustainability by conserving resources and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Service aspect

1、Customization: Our factory can tailor leaf springs to meet specific customer requirements, such as load capacity, dimensions, and material preferences.
2、Expertise: Our factory’s staff possess specialized knowledge and skills in designing and manufacturing leaf springs, ensuring high-quality products.
3、Quality control: Our factory implements rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the reliability and durability of its leaf springs.
4、Production capacity: Our factory has the capability to produce leaf springs in large quantities, meeting the demands of various industries and customers.
5、Timely delivery: Our factory’s efficient production and logistics processes enable it to deliver leaf springs within specified timelines, supporting customer schedules.

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